Water Water Water


Your probably wondering what water has to do with your home or your home inspection. Water is the one material on this earth that is can be extremely powerful; like we have all seen in a tsunami or can be very gentle, like a still pond. Water can transform into any shape or even evaporate into the air and disappear. Water is one thing on the earth that everyone takes for granted, without water everything on our earth will dry up and die.

Water is however an enemy to all homes. It doesn’t matter were or how the water is getting into your home. Whether you have a roof leak or a basement leak you need to solve the problem. As I talked about in the previous blog the musty smell in your basement is because of high humidity (water vapor). Look around your home for evidence of water and moisture. Look in your basement, under the sinks, around the base of toilets, and any area that the roof may be leaking. Water is fun and enjoyable, unless it’s in your home causing damage. ┬áIf you have question please send them to me at [email protected]


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