Home Inspection Photos

This is a basements wall that is very wet and possibly has mold growth. The wet area in this picture is because the gutters are not being properly diverted away from the house. Keep water away from your home to eliminate problems. Homer, New York

This chimney is about to fall off the roof.

Thi is a bathroom exhaust fan vent that is venting moist are into an attic. The moisture will cause mold and the roof sheathing may rot. Keep your home healty vent your bathroom fans outside.

These are corroded and rusted breakers. This is a dangerous situation a qualified electrician needs to be called. Cortland, New York

This is a picture of a bathroom exhaust fan venting into an attic space. As you can see the plywood is rotting and getting moldy. This is a bad situation for your health and the health of your home. Tully, New York

This is a chimney that has a cracked flue and water is entering the chimney. This chimney needs repair by a qualified contractor. Cortland, New York

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