January 2019 – Steve inspected our first home purchase. I cannot say enough good about the inspection he provided and the time he gave me. I had a lot of questions and he answered them all knowledgeably and professionally. He spent as much time with me as I wanted and went over everything from how to turn off and re-light a pilot light to small fixes I could perform myself. Steve even went back to the home and did a quick check on something I was concerned about. With all the worry that comes with buying a home Steve was there to help answer all my questions. It was the best money spent on my first home purchase. I highly recommend him. Thank you Steve! John Wernly

May 2018 – Steve is the best! I am so glad to have him inspected my new home. He is very professional, trustworthy, and friendly to work with. I am a first time home buyer and Steve is extremely patient with me. After the service my agent is going to hire him inspect her house, too Pony Jia

May 2018 – Steve’s solid 5-star rating across reviews is a 100% accurate reflection of his quality of his work, professionalism, and promptness. He took the time to walk me through every nook and cranny of my new home, and since I did not use a realtor for the purchase, I particularly appreciated his thoroughness. I highly, highly recommend him! Elizabeth Day

May 2018 – We hired Steve to perform our home inspection and we had a tremendous experience. He took the time to do a thorough inspection and then walked through everything we needed to know about the house. Steve does NOT cut corners and does everything in his power to inform the buyer of what they are getting into. If you are buying a house do yourself a favor and have Steve perform your inspection. Best money you can spend!   Josh Tomko

May 2018 – Steve went above and beyond to check every system and structure on the property. I don’t think he knew what he was getting into until he arrived (house, apartment, garage, pool house, etc) but he stayed until he’d looked at everything, and stayed in contact well after the inspection report was delivered. I’d highly recommend Basements and Above for home inspections, especially for first time home buyers like I was. Ben Heller

May 22, 2017
great experience! Steve arrived EARLY to get started on things (like roof inspection), he has access to houses on the market through e-key so you don’t necessarily have to coordinate with your realtor’s schedule if time is tight. AND you can see his availability and schedule the inspection online – so convenient! Follow up from his office was prompt and they sent reminders too. Steve seemed very knowledgeable and talked us through all of his findings and even discussed options for repairs. He charges a flat fee for the inspection, but he spent as much time as was necessary to do a thorough job and then returned the (very detailed, with pictures) report very quickly, which is obviously important when you’re under contract. My husband and I are first time home buyers and wanted to make sure we chose a good inspector, Steve is, the 5 star reviews are totally accurate. Elizabeth Berry

March 22, 2017
I had a great experience with Steve and would recommend him highly to anyone looking for a thorough inspection. He was professional and incredibly knowledgeable, and took the time to take me through each section of the house with proper explanation. His report is detailed and well organized and easy for anyone to understand. I will definitely use him again! TJ Leo

Jan 27, 2016
Working with Steve was an absolute joy. He is extremely knowledgeable, thorough, and quick to share tips and ideas beyond just the inspection. I never thought I would wish for more inspections to just keep learning from him!! Cannot recommend Steve enough. He is the ONLY choice. Phil Spitze

Dec 12, 2016
We have purchased and sold several properties in three different countries so far. Steve is by far the most impressive and professional home inspector we have worked with. He spent a sufficient amount of time inspecting the house, gave us valuable advice on maintenance and wrote a very comprehensive and also detailed report, by far the best report we have seen. He also made us a very useful Home Binder for free. It reminds us when to service the furnace, clean the gutters, and etc. We highly recommend Steve to everyone. Wenchao Gu

I hired Steve based on reviews and his prompt responsiveness when contacting him. His business demeanor is awesome and his expertise in this field was even better. He answered all my questions and checked out the home thoroughly from top to bottom. I left my inspection with very valuable info that I did not know prior to this inspection. I also liked the fact that he uses modern technology and attach’s pictures with your report. His finalized report gave me sound judgment on whether to purchase this home or not. I would definitely hire Steve Bossard again and would recommend his home inspection services to anyone. I now realize the value in getting a home inspection, it’s worth the $ spent! Once last thing love your honesty Steve! Thanks My home inspection 7/3/15.
Sincerely, Jackie W.
Steve was great to work with. He arrived at our home inspection on time and well prepared on very short notice which was very much appreciated. During the inspection he was very approachable and encouraged questions about the home. I felt like Steve was very honest in his home inspection and truly wanted us to make a good home decision. We highly recommend him to anyone wanting a thorough home inspection
Christine W.

Steve inspected the home that we are in the process of purchasing. We were more than pleased with his promptness in scheduling the inspection and answering pre-inspection questions for us. Steve’s demeanor during the inspection helped put me at ease during a rather stressful time. His report is very thorough and in a few cases, he even made suggestions for options to explore when addressing a potential issue in the home. Overall, we were very happy with his work and would highly recommend him.
Darci B.

My husband and I hired Basements & Above Home Inspections for structural inspection and radon testing for our to-be purchased home. Steve, the inspector, was very helpful, goes above and beyond in ensuring he can assess the home as properly as possible, and very professional. During the whole inspection, he professionally provided suggestions and he was able to translate all of that in his report. If ever in need to recommend an inspector to our family and friends, it will be Steve from Basements & Above Home Inspections. Steve, your service was definitely worth it. Keep up the good work!
Ernestine Da Silva,

Steve was very thorough and knowledgeable! Having been in the construction industry for many years, he knows exactly what to look for and where to look for it. He knows the things to be alarmed about and the things that are easy to fix. If you need a home inspector, Steve is more than qualified. Thank you for all of your help, Steve!
Michelle Brooks

Steve did a very thorough inspection. He was helpful and informative with extensive knowledge of building construction and utilities. He took the time to point out things he found as he was doing the inspection and then included everything in a comprehensive report. His prices are a great value and I would highly recommend him.
Cecilia Magee

I recently had a home inspection done by Steve Bossard and I would highly recommend him. He was very professional. The report was nicely detailed with pictures. For everything he did, he was very fairly priced
Robert Schram

Steve was wonderful to work with.. he was very thorough, tremendously helpful and extremely attentive, also very fairly priced. I would absolutely recommend him!
Quinn Shamlian

Steve Bossard is an outstanding home inspector and consummate professional. I was particularly impressed with his knowledge and experience. His inspection was extremely thorough and the inspection report I received was very detailed and had lots of pictures to back-up its findings. I have also been impressed with the level of support he has provided me after the inspection. When the radon test came back high, Steve was there every step of the way to make sure that the sellers installed an appropriate mitigation system that resolved the issue. I strongly recommend Steve and I would definitely hire him again.
Jeff Keesom

From the initial telephone call I could tell that Steve handled his business very professionally. He was understanding, informative and very accommodating to my needs. His inspection of my home was thorough and informative. He took his time and explained current issues and possible future issues. He even took extra time and inspected the pool and went over general maintenance. Overall, Steve / Basements & Above Home Inspections was professional and did a great job. I would highly recommend him.
Ryan Cochran

Steve did a fantastic job inspecting our new home! He pointed out any potential problems and explained how to fix the problems and whether or not it was an urgent matter Steve also provided me with a detailed report by email with pictures explaining any issues and how to fix them. Not only was the inspection report very easy to read and understand, by all parties, it helped to get the issues repaired during my purchasing process. Thanks for your expertise, I will certainly recommend you to others!
Bev Van Cleef,

Dear Steve, T
hank you for the excellent job you did relative to inspecting the home we were thinking about purchasing. We are now purchasing the house but would not have done so without your thorough report. We wanted to purchase an older home, we like that structural appearance, but purchasing an older home can be risky and can have many hidden problems. We needed an experts advise. And sometimes real estate agents and home inspectors have little agreements between them to perhaps not identify every problem, there was no doubt at any time, you were working for us. You took the guess work away and told us exactly what we were buying, both the good and the not so good. Your work is incredibly thorough and the report very easy to read and understand.

One of the things we like best about your report is the abundance of pictures you take. It made us feel as though we were standing next to you as you did the inspection. We could easily see and understand what you were reporting on. We have seen other home inspector’s reports, and none were as thorough as yours, that’s why we chose you to do the inspection for us. Thank you for your integrity, honesty and thoroughness.
Ed & Margie West

Responsive, communicative, friendly, technically savvy and very trustworthy. An amazing home inspector who’s resume is filled with decades of bottom up professional construction and project management experience. When it comes to homes, Steve has likely dug it, built it, fixed it and handled whatever issues you come across. With attention to detail, Steve takes the time you need to learn about your home and how to care for it. He has health, safety and your best interest in mind. From radon gas to roofing, Steve provides a fantastic custom report complete with pictures. As lifetime local member of the Central New York community he has always been there when you have questions or need direction…now or ten years form now. Happy at home In Ithaca NY!

From answering initial questions I had to follow up after the report was provide, Steve provided excellent service, as well as some advice on the home’s condition. He was very professional, and inspected every part of the house and garage. His report was easy to read and understand, and he took great pictures of every issue, which were included in the report. I would 100% recommend his services to anyone who is looking to have their home inspected.
Jessica M.

Steve did a fantastic job inspecting our house. He took his time and explained everything to me while he was working. His report was thorough, easy to understand, and pointed out any issues that we should address. He was even on the roof during a windy ice storm. I highly recommend Steve and Basements & Above Home Inspections.

Steve was awesome! As he inspected the place he pointed out any potential problems and even explained how about fixing the problem or how it should look. The other great thing about Steve is he provides you with a detailed report via email with pictures explaining any issues. It was very easy to read and understand. I highly recommend Steve.
Linda Babcock

January 26, 2013

Basements and Above Home Inspections, LLC
107 River Street
Cortland, New York 13045

Dear Mr. Bossard,

Thank you for completing the recent inspection of the home I was interested in purchasing. I was extremely satisfied with the service you provided. The final report you provided to me was detailed with explanations of required, as well as suggested repairs, and also included photographs to refer to. The language you used to present the report was easy for me to comprehend. The report included a complete basement to roof inspection and I found it to be thorough and extremely accurate.

I also can’t thank you enough for the numerous trips you made to the home to re-inspect the gas and light service when it wasn’t available either of the first two times you arrived for the inspection. You did not charge me additional fees for these extra trips, although it was additional travel, gas and time you spent in completing the inspection. In all three of the occasions you visited the home, you arranged times that were convenient with my busy schedule.

I would highly recommend your service to anyone seeking a home inspection and you are welcome to provide them with my phone number to use as a reference. Again, thank you for your time and service and I wish you well in your business endeavor.

Sally L. Guido

As first time home buyers, we didn’t know what to expect when going into a home inspection. Steve did a wonderful job explaining every detail in his report, with pictures. He was very through and gave advise as who to contact for certain issues with the house. I was a very nervous and overwhelmed home buyer and I contacted Steve almost everyday it seems, he always got right back to me. I would highly recommend his services to anyone out there! Very happy first time home buyer.

Thank You Steve
Brian and Amber

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